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Living with HIV is should be simple and not complicated. The only difference is that you have a condition and you are living with this condition. If you think about certain analogies like an alcoholic person, the person is living with the condition of being an alcoholic and they are still living life as it is. Likewise, if you are living with HIV and it is just a condition you are living with. It is not an absurd condition that is not compatible with life or a condition that does not allow you to live life fully and normally.

If you are diagnosed with HIV, I will explain and put in more time for you, so that you can understand your condition and that HIV is not a disease to be feared or stigmatized. Now there are ways to treat and control the spread of HIV. I will walk you through a very holistic plan and even provide you with my HIV support team who can help you during this period at no charge. In Johor, I have volunteers who are affiliated with me. They can relate to your newfound condition and we will help you through your dark moments.

Our focus is to remove the fear and stigma of HIV and the negative perception of sexually transmitted diseases. We want you to take charge of your identity whether you are "straight" or "bent" and come to a realization that HIV is nothing to be embarrassed about. When you come into our clinic we do not just provide treatment; we want to give you more.

You may ask "what more can Dr. Jon do for me?" Well, I will assess your needs like treatment, testing, knowledge about your condition, budget, and personalize your treatment and testing so that you get the best value out of your money.

Starting treatment and having social support is only a small part of living with HIV. I want to go further to make you see the goal in sight. Your future needs to be premeditated and planned because you will live with your condition for a long time. You will have a good and fun life but you will need some knowledge. I am not targeting treatment but I am creating a One-Stop-Center to facilitate your concerns and your needs.

Workplace discrimination against people living with HIV is common. However, with information and knowledge about HIV, we can educate other people that HIV is not a disease to be feared. We must embrace those living with HIV can have the same rights and moral support as those without HIV.

Do not disdain but embrace

We will talk about your financial planning for your future as you will be living with HIV for a long time. I am supported by 4 main insurance agents who are willing to advise you to protect your rights and benefits. I currently in collaboration with AIA, Great Eastern, Prudential and Allianz Insurance. We will keep your information confidential.

We also have financial advisors to talk to you about your future and helping you decide the best options for your investment portfolio. It takes a whole collaboration and effort to link you up with the care you need.

You can always call or ask us for assistance at +60128077720.

We will protect your future with the goal in sight.

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