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HIV Test in Johor is our outreach program and is extended to everyone. Get your HIV test at AMD Clinic, Johor at a nominal fee. 


This is a confidential process and we can provide results in 10 to 20 minutes.

Available slots are from:

  1. Monday to Thursday: 5 pm-7 pm

  2. Sunday: 4pm-5pm 

  3. Public Holidays: 4 pm-5 pm (subject to availability) 

Kindly call or WhatsApp 012-8077720 to inform the clinic before coming. If you do not get a reply over WhatsApp, then please call.

*** Disclaimer:

  1. This HIV test is a rapid 3rd generation test (able to detect HIV as early as 3 months from last high risk exposure)

  2. This HIV test is not applicable for pre-marital testing as our clinic does a fourth (4th) generation test for pre-marital couples, which requires a charge of RM 80 per test.

  3. This test is a service at a nominal fee, therefore, paying customers will be entertained first by the doctor. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

There are available testing kits online like Shopee and Lazada but they may be fake test kits and unlicensed.

  1. Why is AMD CLINIC's test kits accurate?

    • Every new batch of HIV test kit brought into the clinic is tested on volunteers who are known to be HIV positive to ​determine the accuracy of the HIV test kits. This is to prove that the test kits are legitimate.  

  2. Why get HIV testing with AMD CLINIC?

    • Because we have the P & C (private and confidential policy) and we have a close connection with the government Infectious Disease department to help facilitate your treatment.​

    • We also have an HIV support group called JB-HAPPI to help you get through this predicament if you are tested HIV positive. We will establish a buddy system to bring you to the hospital to get treatment and to follow-up with your condition. You will not be alone in this situation. 

  3. Does AMD CLINIC have any experience in dealing with patients using these self-purchased HIV test kits and are they accurate?​​​​

    • Yes. I have a few encounters. ​

    • The first encounter. A patient came with AIDS (persistent fever, chest rash, oral ulcers, and oral thrush or called as oral fungal infection). The patient insisted he checked his HIV status with his own test kit every month and for the past 6 years. When I used my HIV test kit on this patient, he was tested positive for HIV. I sent his blood for a confirmatory HIV test and was reactive for HIV. The following day patient brought his own HIV test kit and he tested himself in my clinic. The patient's own HIV test results still show that he is negative despite the laboratory and my in-house test already confirmed that he is positive for HIV. Since then he has left his test kit in my clinic as evidence of this fraud and as a testimony of his experience.

    • The second encounter was a gay man with his partner who is confirmed HIV positive and on treatment. This person bought 3 test kits and tested his partner who is HIV positive and the result showed that the test was negative. 

  4. Why is it important to have your HIV test done by a medical professional with good knowledge of HIV?

    • It is important that your HIV test is done by a knowledgeable medical professional because your doctor needs to help you determine the best time to take your test and to determine which generation of HIV test is better suited based on your sexual history. There are 4 generations of tests and in the modern world, we only focus on the 3rd and the 4th generation HIV test. 

    • You will know that the test you are getting is accurate and not a fake test sold by unlicensed manufacturers when your test is done in a clinic experienced in dealing with HIV testing.

    • You will be given an explanation about HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

    • You are sure that your test will be properly interpreted, especially if you have a weakly positive test (vague test) meaning the rapid test has a dull line but you are not sure if you have contracted HIV. You will be counselled for a more advanced test in this special case.

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