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Hemorrhoid Banding

Banding is a non-invasive technique to remove hemorrhoids. It can be performed as a out-patient procedure. It is simple and easy!

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What is Hemorrhoid or Piles?

Hemorrhoid or Piles are tortuous veins which are pushed outward of the mucosal layer of the anus after prolonged straining. There are internal and external hemorrhoids and they are differentiated by their anatomical location.

In the anus, there is a structure called the Dentate line. This line is a border separating internal and external hemorrhoids. Any hemorrhoids above the dentate line will be considered internal hemorrhoids and below the dentate line will be called external hemorrhoids.


How to grade the severity of Hemorrhoid or Piles?

External hemorrhoids do not have a specific way to classify its severity. It is described based on the size, condition, and location of hemorrhoids but not the degree of severity. 

Internal hemorrhoids are graded into 4 stages:



























Other than the grading of hemorrhoids we also talk about the appearance of hemorrhoid like:

  1. Thrombosed or Non-thrombosed

  2. Bleeding or Non-bleeding

  3. Ulcerating and Non-ulcerating

  4. Reducible and Irreducible

  5. Complicated or uncomplicated


Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

What is other differential diagnoses for Hemorrhoid or Piles?

  1. External piles some times may look like other common diseases:

    • Anal Skin Tact​

    • Condyloma

    • Warts

    • Perianal Abscess

    • Skin cancers (Squamous cell carcinoma)

    • Verrucous carcinoma


  2. Internal piles can be mistaken for other diseases too:

    • Rectal cancer​

    • Rectal Polyps

    • Rectal warts

    • Rectal Adenoma