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Doctor, what is HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)? (Part Two)

Understanding HIV

Have you ever heard of anyone who asked you, what is HIV? Malaysia is still very juvenile about HIV. We have been very secluded and obscured about sex education and about HIV in our schools, communities and society about HIV. HIV is spreading like wildfire in Asian countries as awareness is bleak.

Malaysia in the 90’s, we had an epidemic regarding HIV in injection drug users and it was a burden to the economy. We were very gung-ho about awareness and programs to rehabilitate those who were drug users. Our rates of drug users infected with HIV reduced from more than 70 percent to less than 1 percent in the past 30 years because of the effort of the government.

The spread of HIV

We are now facing a new issue in the younger generation as HIV is now transmitted more rampantly through sexual intercourse and our generation has the faintest idea about HIV. So HIV a virus which is transmitted through blood, semen, vaginal secretions and through anal sex.

What happens when you get transmitted with HIV?

This virus basically affects the immune system of the individual and reduces the host immune response to other infections. In short this virus goes into your body and enters the host immune cell, where it replicates and destroys the immune cell from the inside out. Take for example the KGB, which is a Russian Intelligence (here referred as HIV) and it infiltrates American Intelligence (here referred as the immune cell) and taking out the American Intelligence like an insider job. HIV is a double stranded RNA virus which makes it easy to incorporate into the human immune cell DNA. HIV plays the role of a husband and the wife is the human immune cell DNA, both as complementary to each other despite one can be toxic to the relationship.

Is HIV a death sentence?

HIV in the present is not a disease to be feared but to be embraced because our advancement of treatment and control is improving. We are also looking for other breakthroughs like a cure for HIV and vaccines for HIV. These breakthroughs may be present in the future and there is hope.

Seek a support group

AMD clinic supports those afflicted with HIV through our own group called HIV Support Group called JB-HAPPI (Johor Bahru HIV and AIDS Prevention and Protection Institution) and those who want to get HIV Tested.


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