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Tenvir-Em is a combination drug (Tenofovir 300mg + Emcitrabine 200mg) for HIV prevention called PrEP.  This drug is able to prevent HIV from 92 to 97% in most high-risk behaviour like unsafe sex or people working in high-risk industries like sex workers or medical workers at risk of needle stick injury.  Talk to Dr Jonathan before initiating PrEP via Whatsapp +60128077720 and read up more in our section about PrEP.

TenVir-Em (Tenofovir 300mg + Emcitrabine 200mg)

SKU: 60201110199110
  • This is a registered product under the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MAL20091962AZ). 

    Ingredients: Tenofovir 300mg + Emcitrabine 200mg
    1 bottle (30pills)

    Colour: Lake indigo carmine

    Dosage is 1 pill per day.

    Store below 30 degrees celsius

    Manufacturer: Cipla 

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