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Your Health Wallet-EN

Dear Valued AIA Existing Customer,
To keep you and your family living healthy, and keep your health up to date, we are now offer you AIA Health Wallet claiming services in house, which mean we will do the claiming service for you, and you can skip all those complicated clamming process. Your Health Wallet can be used at Medication Check up services and Vaccination Injection, up to RM300.00 per year.

What is Health Wallet?
Health Wallet is not Medical Card, Health Wallet is a way to encourage AIA's customer claim their reward by staying Healthy lifestyle. So, if you did not make any claiming serving within one whole year, you will be credit RM300 into your Health Wallet, the reward will grow every year, upto 10 years (Not over 10x of the original rewards. You can use the Health wallet to do varies Medical Check Up and Vaccine Injection. Please noted, Health wallet cannot be used in Emergency services, such as pay hospital bill, or emergency treatment service.

At AMD Clinic, what Medical Check up is covered?

Health Wallet.png
Group 58.png

What else is covered in Vaccination Program?

- Flu Vaccination (流感疫苗)
- Hepatitis B (乙型肝炎)
- HPV (人類乳頭狀瘤病毒)
- Shingles (帶狀疱疹)
- Pneumococcal (肺炎球菌)

* You must be aged 16 or above to take part in Vaccination Program

For more Information Related to Health Wallet, please use the button below to contact our representative,
to assist you check your health wallet abilities, and made appointment with AMD Clinic.

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